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Ulrich Mertz


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HRB 8310

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DE 813 894 638

Responsible for content according to § 10 paragraph 3 mdstv:

Ulrich Mertz (address as above)

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DE 743 133 53


General terms and Conditions

The following conditions are an integral part of all contracts for deliveries of
Rangee GmbH, Gut-Daemme-Str. 11, 52070 Aachen, hereinafter called the Rangee.

§ 1 Offer
The offers are subject to alteration. Rangee reserves the right to correct any costing or printing errors. The offers and order confirmations shall always be subject to the timely and proper delivery by the suppliers of Rangee. In case of non-availability, the customer is informed immediately. Any compensation already provided will then be immediately refunded.

§ 2 conclusion of the contract
The contract of sale comes into effect when Rangee accepts your order by delivery of the goods or by sending an order confirmation in text form.

§ 3 dispatch and transfer of risk
If no written agreements have been made, dispatch by a carrier of our choice takes place. If nothing else results from the order confirmation, delivery from the warehouse in Aachen is agreed.
The risk is transferred to the customer by handing over to the carrier, its representative or other persons. This also applies if rangee bears the transport costs. Complaints due to transport damages must be made by the buyer directly to the transport company within the specified special deadlines. The conclusion of transport or other insurance is left to the buyer. This also applies to returns, see point 4.

§ 4 Delivery and return deliveries
The delivery date is agreed according to the expected performance of Rangee and is understood without obligation and subject to timely self-delivery (in the case of non-availability, the principles set out in § 1) and unforeseen Circumstances and obstacles, irrespective of whether they occur at rangee or at the manufacturer, in particular force majeure, state measures, non-issuance of official permits, industrial disputes of any kind, sabotage, lack of raw materials, involuntary belated Material deliveries, etc. Such events extend the delivery date accordingly, even if they occur during a delay that has already occurred. Should rangee be in default with a delivery of more than four weeks, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by means of a registered letter with the grant of an appropriate grace period. The right to reasonable partial deliveries and their invoicing is expressly reserved by rangee.

Returns will only be accepted subject to our review. Return shipments have to Rangee GmbH, Gut-Daemme-Str. 11, 52070 Aachen free house to be done. Unless otherwise agreed, returns may only be processed by us if a return shipment issue slip is included with the RMA and the customer number and the goods in the original packaging is sent back. The customer will receive this return issue slip and the RMA number on request. The announcement of the RMA number does not in any way imply recognition of the defect or other complaint of the customer. In any case, the return, including the accidental loss, is at the customer’s risk. In case of returns that the customer is responsible for, in particular – but not exclusively – in the event of refusal of acceptance, we will charge a restocking lump sum.
For submissions after the warranty expires, we charge the customer a processing fee of at least €50,-. This also applies if the article has not been obtained from us.

§ 5 Warranty
1. We ensure that the products are free of manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee in accordance with the following provisions shall be 24 months, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2. The warranty period begins with the delivery date. If our operating or maintenance instructions are not followed, changes are made, parts are replaced or consumables are used that do not conform to the original specifications, then any warranty shall be waived if the defect is due. This also applies to the extent that the defect is due to improper use, storage and handling of the equipment or external intervention as well as the opening of equipment. Insignificant deviations of colour, dimensions and/or other quality and performance characteristics of the goods do not trigger any warranty claims.
3. The buyer must inform us in writing immediately, but no later than within one week of receipt of the delivery item. Defects which cannot be discovered even with careful examination within this time limit must be reported to us in writing immediately after discovery.
4. At the end of the first year, the claim is usually limited to rectification, as the costs arising from the sector are regularly disproportionately high (§ 439 II BGB). Should rangee make an exchange in a higher-quality product within the framework of the rectification, this is already accepted.
5. The replacement of parts, assemblies or entire equipment in the course of the warranty does not result in any new warranty periods. The warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the damaged delivery items. The buyer shall ensure that data on the devices to be repaired, which are essential to him, are secured by copies, as these can be lost during repair operations.
6. If the three-time improvement fails after a reasonable period, the buyer may demand a reduction of the remuneration or cancellation of the contract.
7. Liability for normal wear and tear is excluded. Warranty claims also do not apply to wear parts such as print heads and other wear materials.
8. Warranty claims against us are only for the immediate buyer and are not transferable.
9. The foregoing paragraphs contain only the warranty for products and exclude any other warranty claims of any kind, in particular those for any consequential damages, unless intent or gross negligence On our part.
10. Should the indicated defect be deemed non-existent or based on gross negligence or intent of the buyer during a repair of a device caused by the purchaser, we shall be entitled to receive reasonable compensation for the Inspection of the device. In this case, the customer remains unwilling to prove to us a lower cost than the invoiced.

§ 6 Damage compensation
Claims for damages arising from the impossibility of the performance, from a positive breach of contract, from fault at the conclusion of the contract and from tort are excluded both against us and against our vicarious agents, unless Intentional or grossly negligent action.

§ 7 Prices
The prices are ex warehouse Aachen plus packing and shipping costs, without installation, without training and without other ancillary services, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the case of pre-orders for items that are not in stock, we do not give a price guarantee unless it has been agreed in writing. Rangee reserves the right to increase the price appropriately if, after conclusion of the contract, cost increases occur – in particular due to price increases on the part of suppliers and exchange rate fluctuations. At the request of the ordering party, Rangee shall reject the changes. Price errors and printing errors are expressly reserved. For an order value of less than 200 euros (net), we charge a handling fee of 15.00 Euro per small order.

§ 8 Payment
1. Insofar as no deviating terms of payment are mentioned in the offer, invoices without deductions are payable upon delivery/collection.
2. A payment will only be made on time if the means of payment (e.g. cheques) is available to us within seven days of the invoice date. Cheque or Bill of exchange will be accepted under the reservation of the final credit. In the event of a payment target, the payment is made in time only if the means of payment (e.g. cheque or Bill of Exchange) is available on the day of the expiry of the deadline for redemption or the agreed invoice amount is transferred to our account by a transfer is credited. The proof of timely access is incumbent on the debtor the purchase price was calculated on the absolute observance of the agreed payment target.
3. If the payment target is exceeded, the customer is in default without a reminder. We are entitled to charge interest from 5% above the respective base rate of the ECB according to the Discount Transfer act from maturity.
4. Our receivables are immediately due, even in the case of agreed payment targets, if the customer is in default with a liability, cheques go to protest or payments are discontinued. In these cases we are entitled to reclaim reserved goods and to withdraw from the contract.
5. The orderer is not entitled to set off the rangeee or to assert rights of retention, unless the claims of the orderer against rangee are undisputed or have been legally determined.
6. Deviating agreements are only valid if they are noted in extra detail for each individual delivery on the order confirmation and invoice.

§ 9 Assignment
Rangee is entitled to assign his claims.

§ 10 Retention of title
1. Rangee reserves the right of ownership of the delivered goods until full payment of all outstanding receivables by the Orderer, also in so far as claims from previous deliveries or services are concerned.
2. If the goods subject to retention of title are seized or if another disposition is made by third parties, the ordering Party shall immediately inform the rangee of the order and make the third party aware of range rights.
If the customer is in arrears with us, we are entitled to take back the reserved goods and to enter the business premises of the customer for this purpose. The customer is entitled to connect the reserved goods to third parties within the framework of normal business transactions; In this case we acquire co-ownership of the new items arising from the connection in relation to the value of the connected or newly produced items according to § 947 BGB. If the Orderer sells the connected or newly manufactured goods in which we have co-ownership rights, the customer already assigns his purchase price claims against his customers in proportion to the value of our co-ownership to us as collateral and hereby authorizes us to collect the claim in its own name. If the value of the collateral exceeds the outstanding receivables by more than 20%, we will release the additional amount of the collateral at the request of the customer. The customer is entitled to sell the goods in the course of a proper business transaction. He already assigns his all claims against the purchaser from the resale to us for our safety. The customer is authorized and obligated to collect the receivables as long as we do not revoke this authorization. The Orderer’s collection authorization shall lapse without the express declaration on our part if the customer ceases his payments. We will not make use of our confiscation authorizations if the customer fulfills his payment obligations.

§ 11 right of withdrawal for distance selling contracts
1. The consumer I.S.D. FernAbsG is entitled to a right of withdrawal for distance selling contracts. In accordance with the distance Selling act, within two weeks of receipt of the goods, he has the possibility to revoke the contract without justification. The revocation can be made in writing or by returning the goods; For the observance of the deadline, the timely dispatch to Rangee GmbH is sufficient, Gut-Daemme-Str. 11, 52070 Aachen.
2. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the consumer shall bear the return costs up to an order value of 40,-euro. The return shall be one of the original packaging. Any impairment from the intended use or missing parts shall be reimbursed by the consumer, unless the reduction is solely attributable to the examination of the goods. Impairments can be avoided if the goods are handled carefully and the installation of components is carried out exclusively by qualified and authorized technical personnel.
In principle, a right of withdrawal does not consist of: CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, software, software licenses and videos that have been unsealed by the consumer, or for goods that have been auctioned via internet auctions. A right of withdrawal is also excluded for goods that have been manufactured or adapted according to customer specifications, e.g. complete systems.

§ 12 Goodwill Redemption/refusal of acceptance
1. After the end of the two-week withdrawal period or for buyers who are not consumers I.S.D. FernAbsG, the goods will be taken back only if the delivery is demonstrably incorrect. In the case of exchange, redemption or trying a credit, the cause of which is not responsible for the rangee, a settlement takes place only after written confirmation by the seller. The basic requirement for this is the condition of the goods and their resaleable status. The expected amount of the refund is calculated from the restocking price to be obtained at the time of receipt, less a cancellation/processing fee of 10% of the invoice amount.
2. If a buyer who is not a consumer I.S.D. FernAbsG the goods sold, rangee shall be entitled either to insist on acceptance or to demand 10% of the purchase price as generalized compensation for damages and expenses, unless the buyer proves that: Damage was not incurred or at a lower level. In the event of an exceptionally high level of damage, Rangee reserves the right to claim it. For the duration of the buyer’s acceptance delay, Rangee shall be entitled to store the delivered items at his own risk, with a forwarding agent or a warehouse keeper at the buyer’s peril. During the duration of the acceptance delay, the buyer has to pay a lump sum of 15 euro for the resulting storage costs without further proof per month. The lump-sum compensation is reduced to the extent that the customer proves that expenses or damage were not incurred. In the event of exceptionally high storage costs, we reserve the right to make such claims.

§ 13 rescission in case of loss of assets
Rangee may withdraw from the contract if a cessation of payment, the opening of the bankruptcy or judicial settlement procedure, the rejection of the bankruptcy for lack of mass, exchange or cheque protest or other concrete evidence of deterioration in Become aware of the buyer’s financial circumstances.

§ 14 Terms and conditions
All ancillary agreements and amendments to the contract are valid only in written form. If any of the previous agreements are invalid, the validity of the contract is not affected. The invalid provisions shall take the place of the legally permissible regulation or handling which corresponds to or comes closest to the intended economic purpose. The conditions of sale in the latest version apply. Conditions other than these, in particular purchase conditions of the customer, do not apply even if they are not expressly rejected in any other form. Upon acceptance of the goods, the customer waives the application of his terms and conditions even if they claim exclusivity.

§ 15 Data protection
According to § 26 (1) Data Protection Act we point out that all customer and supplier-related data are stored and processed by us by means of electronic data processing.

§ 16 Advertising
The Contracting Parties accept the unsolicited sending of product information and promotional material in any form (e.g. post, e-mail and fax).

§ 17 place of performance and legal venue
The place of performance for delivery and payment as well as the Court of jurisdiction is Aachen. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively to all legal relationships that are responsible for the contractual relationship with the exclusion of the UN sales law.

Aachen, 02.01.2004