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PC Wrapper is a hardened Linux system that runs the actual desktops as virtual instances in a VirtualBox environment. PC Wrapper is suitable for all Windows desktops running on a PC or laptop hardware. Here you can find out what questions have led us in the development of PC wrappers.

By moving the Virtualisierungsmöglichkeit from the server level to the user level, you can save up to 50% of the cost. For example, expensive server RAM costs are saved because virtualization is not performed at the server level.
In this way, in comparison to the conventional desktop virtualization, up to half of the costs are saved!

Many use a Windows laptop or a Windows PC. Ideally, a current virus scanner is installed and the last data backup is no older than four weeks.
Professional security mechanisms rely on virtualization (VDI-Virtual Desktop infrastructure), which can back up the entire system and use a daily backup or backup after each use.
In many environments, VDI solutions are not used because of the cost and complexity. Instead, one continues to use the familiar desktop solutions.
So how do you make sure that all data is DSGVO compliant?

In the private sector or in shift mode, several users use the same device. The number of applications increases due to different usage habits.
The more software you use on a system, the slower the system will be. Each installation further decreases the performance of the system.
By installing various services that provide their own interfaces on the network and applications that want to communicate with a server service on the Internet, additional vulnerabilities are opened for malicious software.
So how do you ensure availability and get the power of your Windows installation?

You can go online almost anywhere, whether via WLAN or in the mobile network. In a public network, such as a Starbucks or McDonald’s, the terminal is virtually unprotected from a potential attacker.
If a laptop outside the company building is connected to a public network, there is not only the risk that data will be lost by stealing the laptop, but the laptop is also vulnerable to the Hakern on the network, which then data can be copied unnoticed.
So how do you make sure that the end devices are not hooked outside your corporate network?

If you want to view the photos from the last vacation or show a presentation that was created and saved on a remote PC and which are missing on the laptop, you do not get the necessary data.
Even if you can download data, such as blueprints, there are no applications on the mobile device, such as CAD applications or the mobile device is not suitable for running the application.
So how can you access your applications and data on your PC desktop at any time and from anywhere?

Do you remember when you played snake or Mahjong on the 486-ER with Windows 98? Do you also want to work with a Linux operating system to see what’s different about it? Do you use Android or iOS devices to communicate with friends today?
In professional environments, different operating systems and applications are provided individually. The furnishing is specialized for the particular purpose. The user can flexibly use the appropriate application and is not set to a working environment.
So how do you get the freedom to start any desktop environment that you just want to use?

Access to virtual desktops is done via protocols that provide restrictions on design, e.g. when peripheral (smartcard, microphone, scanner) or multimedia applications (video display, IP telephony).
So how can access to virtual desktops be made possible with the performance and functionality of a local installed operating system?

PC Wrapper combines the advantages of a remote Desktop (centralized data storage and high availability) with the advantages of a local desktop environment (performance in Multimdia and CPU intensive applications, peripheral support).
Protocol-based access to a remote Desktop is associated with design-related constraints. The data transfer is also connected via Gbit Nertzwerk with latency, USB ports are not available as real USB ports on the remote desktop and a CPU intensive application can lead to impairment of the user experience of other users who Use Remote Desktop on the same hardware.
PC Wrapper runs the Remote desktop locally and backs it up completely in the data center after it has been used. The user experience is optimal because no protocol is used.

Would you like to find out more about PC wrappers? Then feel free to contact us via our contact form.