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Frequently Asked Questions:

Technically, this is an option, but

A-if Windows is used as a host system, there is no security gain because the host system has the same vulnerabilities as the system being protected. PC Wrapper has a linuxbasiertes, hardened operating system that is protected from malware for Windows operating systems.

B-A Windows operating system requires 4 GB of RAM, PC wrapper only requires 1GB of RAM. Therefore, the virtual Windows installation has much more memory available.

C-The Windows operating system is updated regularly by patches and is not usable during this time. The Hardened PC wrapper system is low-maintenance and significantly less extensive.

PC Wrapper is not a replacement for the existing security solutions, but expands them. Therefore, the existing security tools should be further deployed and maintained.

PC Wrapper is not a replacement for the existing backup solutions, but expands them. Therefore, the existing backup tools should be further used and maintained.

PC wrapper only runs on PC hardware, Apple hardware is currently not supported.

Various vendors, such as VMware, Oracle, or Microsoft, offer virtualization tools to transform a hard disk installation into a virtual hard disk. The links to download and instructions are available from the rangee support.

PC Wrapper also includes the license to use the enhanced options of Virtual box. These include e.g. USB and PCI passthrough.

The USB support of VirtualBox forwards the USB hardware almost natively to the operating system, so that all the usual devices can be supported by your Virtual PC.

The VirtualBox PCI passthrough feature directs the special graphics card natively to the operating system so that the graphics card can be supported by your Virtual PC.

The support is a part of the Professional edition.

Access to the desktops works with PC wrapper without protocol, because the VM is executed directly on the terminal. Therefore, no Thin Clients and Zero Clients are suitable for PC Wrapper. The performance of the end device should be adapted to the requirements for a standard PC of the user. With the elimination of server CPU, server RAM and various software licenses, the investment is about 30-40% cheaper.

For the host system, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of hard disk space should be taken into account. The minimum requirement is support for VT technology. Ideally, a CPU of the upper middle class, e.g. Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 with 3.0 GHz or higher will be selected. For storage, you should set up a multi-capacity networked storage device on the Windows VM that is connected to a 1GB network.

It is quite possible to import an image file (ISO image) onto a disk. However, this is only possible with a USB stick and the associated tools such as Rufus or UNetbootin . For example, a bootable media can be created to install a new operating system on another device.

However, CDs or DVDs are not supported for this project.

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