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The Oracle VirtualBox extension pack

The VirtualBox from Oracle is completely free for private use.

There is a fee-paying extension pack for the commercial use area. However, the cost of this is already included in your PC wrapper license. In the extension pack you will find these useful features:

A Universal Serial Bus redirection (USB) is a technology that enables an end user to connect an external device to a USB port on its endpoint and access the device from a remote desktop or application. The redirect process involves forwarding the functionality of the USB device from a local device to a virtual desktop over the network. The USB redirection works in both wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs), but is often easier to use over a LAN, as LANs usually offer a stronger network connection than WANs.

PCI Passthrough is a means of virtualizing different systems. The goal of virtualization is to bring as many systems into the virtual world as possible. In addition to cost savings through hardware consolidation, this also brings more flexibility and simplifies the backup of entire systems. There are no limits to the scope of virtualization of a system. So you can be in the same building, in the neighboring country or even on the other side of the globe and still have unrestricted access to your data and use it as if you were still at your physical workplace.

From VirtualBox 5.0 It is possible to transparently encrypt the data stored in hard disk images for the guest. It does not depend on a particular image format to use. Images with encrypted data are not transferable between VirtualBox and other virtualization software.

VirtualBox uses the AES algorithm in XTS mode and supports 128 or 256 bits of data encryption key (DEK). The DEK is stored encrypted in the properties of the media and is decrypted at the start of the VM by entering a password that was chosen when the image was encrypted.

More information about the extension pack can be found here.