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Client management

The term client management is a means of centrally managing and controlling the decentralized IT infrastructure in the workplace.

These include

  • PC, notebooks or thin clients
  • USB Sticks
  • Installed software or even
  • The user's permissions within the IT infrastructure

Of course, PC Wrapper client management is also possible. This makes it easier for each party to work with the device.

PC Wrapper can therefore be centrally managed on any device, e.g. on every thin client at the workplace of an employee, and user-specific settings are made. Therefore it is no longer necessary to adjust each device individually to the respective settings. This is now done conveniently through the possibility of client management.

Client management mainly reads hardware data, such as how much RAM the device uses, how large the memory is, and so on, for example, updates from Windows or Windows Defender are controlled. The software distribution is mainly used to read out software data and software distribution.